What other parents say about us...

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'Helen worked closely with my son, aged 10, to determine and support his specific learning needs, using a series of assessments and interactions with the him, his class teachers and SENCo and his father and I. From the onset, the nature of her approach to these assessments was different to the way in which any testing has previously been undertaken, as she took the time to explain to him what he would need to do and why, to ensure that he was relaxed and comfortable in that environment, as well as explaining to me prior to it what was going to happen, in order that I could answer any queries from him before and after the assessments to ensure that he was engaged and involved. 

Following on from this, both within the school environment and as an extra-curricular program, Helen embarked with him on a series of multi-sensory therapy sessions, utilising so many fun and engrossing strategies to develop his abilities, that he rapidly looked forward to those sessions, which served to reignite his interest in learning. Those sessions incorporated such activities as food tasting, playing twister with letters, planting peas in pots (working on the letter P that week!), as well as using oral and written reinforcement working with sand, paint and magnets! Helen ensured throughout that I understood what the objective and outcome of each session was and understood my son's needs and ability to such an extent that she gauged what he was able to cope with that week that would stretch but not exhaust or frustrate him and tailored it accordingly.

As a consequence of her intervention and guidance, strategies within school have been implemented that have vastly improved his school life and enjoyment of not only literacy, but all learning in and out of school, as well as his confidence in his own abilities and self esteem in general. He now speaks of what he's 'getting better and better at', rather than what he's 'no good at', which as a parent is a delight to hear and see. 

I can't praise Helen strongly enough for the difference that she has brought about for my son, academically and personally. Thank you Helen!'  P.W.


'As parents of an SEN child, we have come across many professionals; some of whom have been supportive, and unfortunately some who have been unsupportive. We will always remember Helen as being in our top three! She is helpful-demonstrating initiative and thinking outside of the box, professional, approachable (no question is too silly), and above all, she cares.' T. & A. O.